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Infestations are not readily noticed or exposed to view. Most of the time it is impossible to see termite damage with the naked eyes, no specialist equipment or advice.

• Treatment always ranks secondary to the Chrome Pre-examination information. It makes plans for termite management easier to follow.
• Our Electronic termite examination audits are the key to the treatment that follows.
• It is more accurate and informative than visual examinations.
• It is fundamentally the most central part of adding sight and correcting any “blind” termite application.
• It ranks foremost in planning a proper strategy and enhances the smart implementation of the termite extermination treatment exercise by highlighting trouble spots.


We conduct more than a “visual inspection.” Visual Inspections (VI) are usually only surface checks that delve into about 20% of the areas of what a Caribpest Chrome Examination reveals. Chrome Electric Examinations (EI) are deeper, more intensive audits, which are far superior.

Termites have been detected even in brand new and even recently treated home, exposing hidden repair threats and potential furniture loss to owner/occupants before they even develop.

Normally, most buyers are reluctant to test even an older home they like and want to buy. Some hurriedly move to secure their “dream home.”

What Our Customer's say

I find the Management and staff at CaribPest courteous, knowledgeable, reliable and very efficient. We contracted CaribPest to provide pest control services at the Head Office of St. Patrick's Foundation and at Christ The Redeemer HR Centre, a skills training centre operated by St. Patrick's Foundation. They clearly outlined the various service packages offered, enabling us to select the package most appropriate for our needs. CaribPest provides guarantee for their service and we are very satisfied with the Company.

Hermine Metcalfe