The Most Effective Termite Solution

Fumigation Sealing

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(Inner Sealing or Outer Sealing)

When drywood termites are embedded, it may be beyond the early stages of surface sprays. Caribpest GAS Fumigation is our introduction of a volume-calculated, toxic gas into all the spaces in your structure in high enough concentration so that the gas fills all areas to kill target pests. If the structure has plaster or wooden OUTER WALLS, it may have to be tent fumigated. However, if the structure has CONCRETE OUTER WALLS, the entrances, windows and openings can be sealed internally or externally. The gas may evolve from cylinders of gas pressurized to the liquid state or from solid fumigation tablets that react with atmospheric moisture. The gas in the space being fumigated will be held above a certain concentration for the period of time stated so that all target pests are eliminated.

Fumigation is the most thorough, complex and expensive pest control service our company performs. It requires the most care in application. It kills pests tracelessly so it leaves no toxic residues. GAS FUMIGATION is the rapid, 100% way. No single operation can ever eliminate as much active termites above ground and in wood as Gas Fumigation does. In a finished structure all treatments except fumigation are partial. There may be multiple nests in a structure, and each nest may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals, foraging in many different directions.